17 Jan What are the 2019 trends?

We are starting a new year packed full of new features for the digital marketing sector. There are so many of them that we have compiled a list of the 8 trends  we believe will shape 2019. Some you will have heard of, as they're well-known, such as video content and navigation via mobile phones. Others have arrived to stay, like fast content. And, there are a couple of others that we will have to keep tabs on during the year, for example visual searches or stories as a means of communication. 


We have always stated how important it is to keep up to date with the latest trends in the sector, especially when it comes to digital marketing. New technologies and social networks are now part of our daily lives. Because of this, to send a message to a network and have it heard, we must be aware of all the existing channels, tools and strategies available. In doing so, we are then able to implement a tailor-made marketing plan that brings our products and services to the attention of our target audience.

So, if you don’t want to be caught by surprise and you want to make sure you are up to date with all the latest developments 2019 has in store, read on, because we have 8 of the main trends that will define this year.


1.- Video Content

As we already mentioned in our post on 2018 trends, audio-visual content has become the king of digital marketing and will continue to reign in 2019.

Internet users prefer to obtain information by listening to and watching a video, rather than reading a web page. In fact, brands are beginning to take this audio-visual trend into account when making advertisements. Users prefer to watch online videos about products and services they are interested in rather than going to a retail store to buy them.

2.- Information at your fingertips on your mobile

Another trend that continues this year is the increase in searches via mobile phones rather than computers.

Users are looking for instant information and what they have at hand, is their mobile. For this reason, we need to generate and create content keeping in mind that it will be seen on the screen of this device.

As the mobile phone is increasingly used to browse the Internet, online purchases made using the phone have also increased. Therefore, a properly designed Ecommerce is required as it must work correctly on a mobile phone.

3.- Fast Content

It is no secret that our society is increasingly connected and influenced by technology. We are constantly connected to our mobile phones, always looking for new information. Moreover, we tend to do this while doing something else. As a result, due to the short time we have between browsing and responsibilities, the shorter and more direct the content, the better.  But that doesn't mean offering poor quality content, quite the opposite. All the content we generate must provide extra value to the user and satisfy their craving for information.

If we produce attractive content that is quick and easy to read, we will capture the attention of Internet users more effectively. In order to do this, a good sense of synthesis and creativity is necessary. Fast-content also favours CTR and brand presence.

4.- Take a chance on Stories

Yes, that’s right, you read correctly. Stories are no longer just for influencers or Internet users. More and more social networks are integrating this function within their platforms and offering brand names the possibility of showing their followers live videos regarding their products and services.

We will have to see how this new trend evolves. Whether it will be sanctified as a new digital communication tool or go back to being used only on private profiles has yet to be seen.

5.- Social Shopping

As we were saying, social networks are increasingly integrating more features into their platforms. In fact, many now have the option to purchase online without being redirected to another page.

Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping are new spaces which allow Internet users to make purchases on their platform. These social networks are no longer intermediaries, but direct sellers.

Companies must take all the options open to them through social networks into account in order to make the most of them. As well as being a showcase for their products, they have turned into a means for increasing sales.

6.- Chatbots

Another trend from 2018 that will become established this year is the use of chatbots, not only as a channel of direct communication with customers but also as a commercial channel.

Chatbots help improve the user experience on the website. It is a tool that allows Internet users to have direct contact on a one-to-one basis with the company.

7.- Native Advertising

Native advertising emerged as a novelty in 2018, but many users already know how to recognize this type of advertising from other content. However, that doesn't mean that it is no longer effective, but rather that it needs more work.

Just as we need to work on our creative capacity to generate fast content, we also need to work hard when creating promotional content in order to attract as much interest as possible.

8.- Voice and visual searches

Voice searches are becoming more and more common, due to how agile and easy it has become to fire a question into the air and have it answered, instead of having to write what we are looking for in a search engine.

In fact, Smart Speakers such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod have now appeared. These are intelligent electronic devices that you ask what you would like to know, and they answer. Sort of like virtual assistants on mobiles or computers, but in speakerphone format.

On top of that, the way we look for information is constantly evolving and now it's not enough just firing questions into the air, we also want information from images. These are called visual searches. By uploading the image to a platform, we will be able to obtain all the information we want from the picture. This is one of the great trends that 2019 has in store for us. The question is however, how do we SEO to position ourselves for image searches?

It' s been an interesting start to the year with so many novelties in digital marketing, but there are also quite a few uncertainties still to be addressed. We will see how these trends evolve and whether they finally gain ground or whether new tools and forms of communication come into being.

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