03 Jan Community Management malpractice. Things you should never do.

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Social networks have become an essential tool in the day life of a Community Manager. It is, however, important to know how to manage them, as they can be double-edged sword. While able to make it easier for us to spread our message and expand its reach, they can also damage our image and our brand's reputation.


Nowadays, the role of Community Manager has more importance than ever before. These are people capable of “putting out fires” caused by troll attacks and dealing with any potential reputation crisis.

Bad social network management, however, can have or provoke a contrary effect and make our name go viral, but not for something great,  but quite the reverse, for having put our foot in it.

Social networking profiles have thousands of followers. Therefore, thousands of people see everything that is posted. Even the mistakes.

That’s why we must be careful with what we post and review it several times before hitting the send button.

Be aware that internet users are always on the lookout for any new posts on social networks. For this reason, you should be cautious as to what you post and how you post it.

1.- Be careful with your accounts:

Make sure you don’t have more than one account open at the same time on the same device. We could make the terrible mistake of posting something work related on our private account, or even worse, post something private on our company brand profile.

2.- Updated Profiles:

Only updating your social network profiles every now and again sends out a very bad image to internet users and says very little about you as a professional. Keep your account active.

3.- Review content well before posting:

Everything you post on social media sites will stay there until the end of time. Do not try to modify or eliminate what has already been published, because someone might have seen the original, taken a screen shot and then remind you about it at a later date. Obviously, if you notice you have made a mistake immediately after posting, and there have been no comments or likes, it can be edited and reposted, or deleted.

4.- Do not make spelling errors:

Please, this is very serious. We are experts in the field of communication and we cannot allow this kind of blunder.

For this reason, always check what you are going to post several times.

5.- Above all, be truthful:

Always make sure what you are going to post is true. If we have not confirmed the information is correct, we could be in for a big surprise.

6.- Do not be offensive:

Never post anything offensive. Even though it is a channel of free expression, we always need to respect every user’s point of view

7.- Do not try to benefit at the expense of the competition:

You should be able to prove that your products and services are the best without undervaluing your competitors.

8.- Accept criticism:

As well as being respectful towards your rival, you should also accept that not everyone is going to like your products and services and not everyone will be completely satisfied. But we should always accept criticism and use it as a point of reference for improvement.

9.- Delete comments:

This is only permitted when internet users insult or make threats. Otherwise we should never delete comments, even if it’s a negative one against our brand.

10.- Personalize your answers:

If users see that you answer in a personalised manner, this will give them a sense of importance and not make them feel like just another name on the list. Therefore, you should avoid using templates, scripts or robotic responses. Dedicate a little time to working on your relationship with your customers.

We at Zink advise you verify all the information you have and review carefully what you are going to post before doing so. Prevention is better than cure. Think wisely about the possible repercussions your posts could have and if someone might be offended. Outline your action plan well in order to resolve any potential reputation crisis, making sure you act as quickly as possible. We are quite sure that by following this advice, you will become Community Manager of the year! And if not, we can always lend a helping hand ;)

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